"A savvy, entertaining environmental thriller" The Age

'The best Antarctic thriller since Ice Station.' James Phelan

Antarctica is the coldest, most isolated place on earth. Luke Searle, maverick glaciologist, has made it his home. But soon his survival skills will be tested to the limit by a ruthless mercenary who must win at any cost.

The white continent is under attack. The Australian team is being hunted down. Can Luke stay alive long enough to raise the alarm?The countdown has begun. T minus 5 days, 2 hours and 53 minutes … 

Download the first chapter of Thirst here.


Praise for L.A. Larkin ...

'Action that hits like an icepick in the back of the head.' John Birmingham, author

'A savvy, entertaining environmental thriller.' The Age 

‘A frantic rollercoaster of plot twists until the final resolution.’ The Herald Sun   

'Deserves comparisons to Michael Crichton and John Grisham' ABC North Queensland

'This Antarctic thriller is a rollicking good read, with a true hero and fabulous accompanying cast' Vanda Symon, author


Welcome to my blog, Larkin’s Latest. Twice a week I will post an article on topics such as thriller writing; book reviews; details of my events or those of other authors; updates on my next thriller; the research I am doing; environmental, social and political news; as well as the latest from Antarctica – the setting of Thirst.

08 June, 2016

Thanks so much, Julie, for giving DEVOUR five stars. Feeling very proud right now! Here is Julie's review on GoodReads:

Reminiscent of the master of biological warfare in Michael Crichton and high adrenaline adventurist Matthew Reilly, Larkin's main character Wolfe finds herself in these worlds. Sent to the Antarctic to help out her boss, she is thrown into a world of unknown quantities and becomes suspect herself. Not knowing which way to turn, or who to trust, she is determined to find the truth behind the layers. This takes her around the world and puts her on the run and in constant danger in order to stop the devastating end that is predicted.

This book is well written and kept me interested all the way through. What 'devours'? Who is trying to sabotage the expedition? Who is the bad guy? Which bad guy is it? So many questions...some answers and the opening for the next book.
Please note: I was given an uncorrected proof copy.

Here is a link to the review.

02 June, 2016

If you are in Sydney on 8 July 2016 at 6pm, then join me to celebrate the launch of my new thriller, DEVOUR, at Dymocks Books in George Street.

20 May, 2016

Or so it seems. Is Turnbull mad? Here is a link to an article in The Guardian today in which Richard Flanagan so eloquently explains what Turnbull proposes and how it will impact authors rights over their own work and our ability to generate an income from our work. We do have to eat, Mr Turnbull! Australia has great authors who are finally being recognised on the world stage.

Does he want to send all this country's great authors overseas, just as The Liberal have forced this country's great climate change engineers and innovators overseas? Shame on you.

12 April, 2016

The lovely folks at Hachette Books Australia are very excitedly sharing the brilliant cover design for my new thriller DEVOUR which will be released in July, in bookshops in Australia and New Zealand, and also Online. Then, in January 2017 it goes into UK bookshops and is released generally.

I hope you love the cover art as much as I do!

01 April, 2016

When I read the details of the years of investigation into Unaoil's corruption and bribery worldwide, undertaken by a team of investigative journalists from Fairfax Media and the Huffington Post, my first thought - true life is often crazier and more shocking than fiction, and my second thought - Olivia Wolfe would have loved to investigate this corruption scandal. Even though in book one of her new thriller series that kicks off with DEVOUR in July this year, I can see her working with other journalists in future books, as  has happened in real life with the Unaoil scandal.

Congratulations to those journalists!

Sadly, investigative journalism is a dying art because it costs money to fund such investigations over months, even years. But without such journalists striving to uncover the stories the powerful don't wish us to know, what is the role of the media? To regurgitate press releases? To report what they are fed at press conferences? To peddle gossip as...

31 January, 2016

I'm really excited to share with you the news that the Little, Brown Book Group  and Hachette Australia is publishing my new Olivia Wolfe thriller series.

If you've enjoyed THIRST and THE GENESIS FLAW, and you love action, adventure, high stakes, danger, fast pace, far-flung location, mysteries, intriguing characters and a "kick arse" central character (this is how my publisher described Olivai Wolfe - thanks Krystyna Green), then you're sure to love this new series.

Here's me with my Hachette Australia publishing team planning the book launch at their Sydney office, enjoying tea and cake. What a great start! Thanks guys!

I will share the title very soon so please watch this space. Due for publication in Australia in July 2016 and in the UK in Januray 2017.


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