Thank you Surrey Advertiser- I was on the front page of their What’s On guide

October 28, 2011

I arrived in the UK on 14th October to discover my face on the front cover of the UK’s Surrey Advertiser’s What’s On Guide! What’s more, I found a fantastic article on me on page 4 (see link) by Rebecca Younger. I was in the UK because I had been invited to speak at the Guildford Book Festival’s Crime Fiction Day as well as run a thriller writing workshop. The editorial explained why appearing at this festival was so momentous for me: my family lived for many years in a village near Guildford. I emigrated to Australia as an adult but returned to Guildford in 2006. I attended a Guildford Book Festival ‘How to get Published’ workshop run by the lovely and talented Adele Parks, and, as the article says, “her advice certainly paid off.” I was particularly proud, therefore, to participate at the very same festival.

Thank you, Mark Miseldine, the Group Deputy Editor, for deciding to select me for the article and for having such wonderfully good taste! I really appreciate it.

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Photos from Longacre School in the UK – my old primary school

October 18, 2011

As I drove up the tree-lined driveway to the sound of a teacher encouraging some children to run faster around the pitch, happy memories of my years at Longacre School in Shamley Green came flooding back. I was there to talk about my adventures in Antarctica and was treated to lunch in the library with the headmistress, the deputy head and another teacher. They were charming. The whole experience was as warm and comforting as the chocolate pudding and chocolate sauce I am delighted to learn is still on the school’s lunch menu. Yum! Sad the hear the spam fritters are off the menu but not surprised given their fat content, but they used to be my favourite! I have attached a photo of me with the great children who heard my talk and who participated with such enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone from Longacre for welcoming me back. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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Photo of me, Jane Clifton, Malla Nunn and Nicole Watson

October 16, 2011

What a line up! Don’t we look highly suspcious! This was taken just after our panel discussion about crime fiction tackling the issues of out time. Jane was a wonderful chairperson and it was very interesting to hear Malla Nunn and new author, Nicole Watson, talk about what drives them to write.

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Photos Tara Moss and Marianne Delacourt enjoying SheKilda 2011

I met up with my buddy Marianne Delacourt, author of the Tara Sharp crime fiction series, and met for the first time Tara Moss, at the SheKilda 2011 Crime Fiction Convention. Tara is not only writing crime fiction these days but also a young adult vampire series. I always thought I was relatively tall until I met the stunning Tara (as you can see from the photo).

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