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James Valentine could soon be a fictional hero or villain!

August 11, 2012

I had a great time chatting to the enlightening and chirpy James Valentine on ABC Radio Sydney 207 on Thursday afternoon and on Monday I will provide the podcast so can hear it if you missed it live.

So why is James going to be a fictional villain? Well, after the on-air discussion, I mentioned that I thought his name was destined for a lead character in one of my books, but not the hero, as the warm, positive associations of “valentine” tend to conjure up. No, it would be more interesting if the fictional James Valentine was in fact the villain. So watch this space… who knows when the “evil” James Valentine might appear in one of my thrillers?

I’m interested to know what you think – hero or villain? Jot your thoughts down as a comment below…

What I enjoyed so much about our live chat was that it was nothing like any other radio interview I have had! Not only did we consider a killer penguin thriller story (which luckily got rejected quickly) but we hatched a grand plan for me to “take over” a whole new sub-set of thrillers – “The Antarctic Thriller” – just as some authors become known for setting their stories in certain towns or cities. Since I am already working on two more Antarctic thrillers I am very happy with this plan for world domination – well, of the book world, at least. Thank you James for launching it!

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