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‘Buckle up for a thrill ride with Olivia Wolfe – a take no prisoners heroine that you’ll love spending time with Malla Nunn

‘Breakneck and exciting’ Paul Mendelson

‘Superb! I can’t stop reading’ Robyn Williams, broadcaster


Four murders. Four countries. One terrible secret.

Olivia Wolfe is a journalist who travels the world exposing heinous crimes. She has more enemies that most.

When her anonymous source is murdered, Wolfe must unravel the terrible secret that connects a series of gruesome murders. But powerful people want her stopped.

Betrayed and isolated, Wolfe is hunted by a faceless killer. Can she stay alive long enough to expose the shocking truth?

‘SUPERB. Such command of pace, character and language. I couldn’t stop reading’ Robyn Williams, broadcaster

Praise for L.A. Larkin’s thrillers

‘L.A. Larkin is a world-class thriller author.’ James Phelan

‘My heart was pounding so much when I finished the books, I hardly slept a wink’ Carmel Shute, Sisters In Crime Australia

‘Written with pacy cinematic style, this chiller thriller will reel you in’ Marie Claire

‘Exciting, original and utterly captivating. I cannot recommend it enough’ Literature Works

‘A sweaty-palm page-turner. Exciting, compulsive reading’ Bookseller + Publisher

‘In the vein of a feminised Fleming or the Fox network’s adrenalin-fuelled series 24’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘In Larkin, Michael Crichton has an heir apparent’ The Guardian

Buy your paperback and ebook of Prey now!

Prey is published in Australia and New Zealand by Clan Destine Press and in the UK by Bloodhound Books.
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UK and rest of the world


Book Club Questions on Prey

  1. Prey is a woman-in-jeopardy thriller. Yet Olivia Wolfe is far from being a victim, even when she becomes the prey. What are Olivia Wolfe’s strength and weaknesses?
  2. Wolfe has three key male supporting character. Jerry Butcher who is a father figure. Vitaly Yushkov, lover. Dan Casburn, detective and nemesis at the start of the book. How does her relationships with these men alter during the course of the book? Who does she trust by the end?
  3. The story is told primarily from Wolfe’s point of view. The other points of view belong to the killer and to Casburn. What insights does the reader gain from these last two points of view? How does it make you feel knowing more than Wolfe about the danger she is in?
  4. How does the author use sensory details to build a picture in your mind’s eye of the various and diverse locations in this book. For example, Kensington Gardens, Butcher Investigations, Moz Cohen’s office, Soweto, Wolfe’s motel room in Johannesburg, Hannah’s wildlife reserve.
  5. How does Larkin create the puzzle that starts with the discovery of an offshore bank account containing millions and comes to a climax when she meets the man who runs the criminal syndicate?
  6. What, for you, is the best plot twist in the book?
  7. What was your emotional response to this roller-coaster-ride of a book? Were there times when you were scared, appalled, upset, sad, cheering Wolfe on etc?
  8. This novel has drawn on the experiences and conversations Larkin had in South Africa. Has it in any way changed or confirmed your view of the novel’s main theme?
  9. What is your favourite scene in the book?

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